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Professional raccoon removal services we offer for Fort Wayne.
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The Fort Wayne area's most recommended professional raccoon removal service. We provide raccoon removal and control for Fort Wayne and all cities near Fort Wayne and all of Allen County, including New Haven raccoon removal and control, Woodburn raccoon removal and control, Grabill raccoon removal and control, Huntertown raccoon removal and control, Leo-Cedarville raccoon removal and control, Monroeville raccoon removal and control, Zanesville raccoon removal and control, Columbia city raccoon removal and control, and Kendallville Indiana raccoon removal and control.

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Proudly using AAC PROLINE™ Traps for trapping and exclusion of nuisance animals.

American Animal Control® LLC of Fort Wayne provides humane removal and control for raccoons in attics Fort Wayne, raccoons in chimneys Fort Wayne, raccoons digging in yard Fort Wayne, raccoons tearing up roofs in Fort Wayne, raccoons on and under decks in Fort Wayne, and raccoons in soffits Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas.

Raccoons can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Most raccoons in Fort Wayne enter the homes through the roof line. Raccoons digging holes in the roof and soffits in Fort Wayne begin usually in the fall, all the way into late spring. Once inside your attic they start tearing up insulation, duct work, and sometimes raccoons will be in the ceilings of your home. Raccoons in attics urinate and leave their droppings in "litter boxes" all over the attic. Sometimes Fort Wayne raccoons in chimneys will have their babies in the spring. Averaging 3 to 5 per raccoon litter. Some raccoons born early in the spring may even breed in mid-December to late march. We have even removed baby raccoons from attics that were still nursing in September. If you live in or near Fort Wayne and are hearing noises in your attic, noises in your chimney, or noises in your walls. It might be raccoons. raccoon droppings may have raccoon round worm . Raccoons can carry many other kinds of diseases including rabies. If you think you might have a raccoon in the attic or chimney and you need help. Call American Animal Control® LLC Fort Wayne's most recommended wildlife-pest removal company.


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Raccoon Removal Services Provided By American Animal Control® LLC

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American Animal Control® LLC offers the most innovative raccoon removal and control techniques in all of Fort Wayne. With over 50 years of combined experience in raccoon removal, raccoon control, raccoon trapping, and the ability to solve raccoon problems and conflicts for home owners in Fort Wayne.

Most raccoons in Fort Wayne primarily move in low light conditions. At night while you are sleeping these masked bandits begin to seek out what kind havoc they can do. Mostly looking for food, raccoons in Fort Wayne will eat almost anything, including worms, grubs, insects, fish, birds, frogs, eggs, mice, moles, rats, and even rabbits. American Animal Control® LLC's licensed professional raccoon specialists receive hundreds of nuisance raccoon calls each year. These calls vary from, raccoons in dumpsters, raccoons in garbage cans, raccoons in houses, raccoons digging in yards, raccoons climbing on bird feeders, raccoons in chimneys, and also raccoons in attics.

Most raccoons in Fort Wayne like to build their dens up high in holes in trees. But more and more these nuisance raccoons are making their dens in attics of homes. We remove raccoons from chimneys, raccoons in crawl spaces, raccoons in basements, raccoons under decks, raccoons in and under sheds, and raccoons in soffits. Raccoons are notorious for digging holes in roofs, ripping open soffits, and causing damage to insulation in attics. Raccoons generally start breeding in December all the way through January and February. Averaging 3-6 cubs per liter these young raccoons may sometimes even breed the same year they are born. It is not uncommon that these raccoons will return back to the attics or chimneys they were born in. Most raccoons have their young in the spring. This is when most home owners will start hearing noises in attics, noises in walls, and noises in the crawl space. Even though raccoons appear to be "cute" and "playful", when cornered, raccoons are very aggressive. Raccoons are very strong, quick, and have sharp bone crushing teeth. Raccoons can carry rabies and raccoon round worm, as well as many other diseases.

American Animal Control® LLC's wildlife-pest removal professionals will provide you with the most extensive home inspection for raccoons and raccoon damage available. We will locate all possible raccoon entrance points and raccoon damage. We can even work with your insurance company for coverage on contaminated attic insulation removal, and a full attic restoration, if necessary.

American Animal Control® LLC's wildlife-pest removal specialists do not like to use open baited cages if at all possible. We do not like to lure in non-target animals such as skunks, opossums, and feral cats. We provide the most humane animal-pest removal techniques in the industry. American Animal Control® LLC offers the ability to repair most damage from raccoons, and a complete raccoon exclusion to prevent future raccoon issues. So if you are having raccoon problems and would seek professional assistance in removing unwanted raccoons from your attic, or chimney, please consider the most recommended wildlife-pest raccoon removal and control service in Fort Wayne, American Animal Control® LLC.

Raccoons in Attics Fort Wayne.

Raccoons in attics is a very common problem in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Raccoons will find attics to be a good place to den up for the winter instead of living in a tree or a hole in the ground. Attic insulation provides great bedding for raccoons when giving birth to their young.

Raccoons in Chimney Fort Wayne.

Raccoons often will find chimneys in the Fort Wayne area that do not have chimney caps to be easy to access. Its like a hollow tree that they will shimmy up and down. Many Fort Wayne homeowners will call us in the spring saying they are hearing raccoon "chattering" noises in their fireplaces. The female raccoon will many times give birth to her young on the damper inside the fireplace.

Raccoons in Walls Fort Wayne.

Once inside a home Raccoons will occasionally drop down a wall cavity and give birth to their young. Sometimes this is quite a challenge to get to and remove. We have many tools and special equipment that can be used to remove or extract these raccoons from the walls.

Raccoons Digging in Yard Fort Wayne.

In the springtime, summer, and even the fall raccoons will dig in yards. Raccoons are very opportunistic and will dig in yards for worms, grubs, and even buried nuts. Many times homeowners with birdfeeders will find raccoons digging in the yard underneath the feeders for bird feed that has been dropped.

Raccoon Removal Near Fort Wayne.

The Fort Wayne American Animal Control Team provides professional raccoon removal services. Including: raccoon trapping, raccoon exclusions, raccoon repairs, raccoon feces removal, and raccoon control.